Fourth-generation seamstress Samantha Jean Moore is a full-time fabric collage artist and multimedia producer. Using found objects, vintage fabric, discarded books, broken jewelry, and other reclaimed materials, she creates transformational designs that breathe new life and meaning into everyday experiences. Infused with an awareness of her surroundings and available resources, Samantha Jean uses her art to help budding visionaries see greater potential in their own projects. Her micro-brand, MOCOCO: Modern Country Couture, inspires others to transform the disposable to the indispensable.


*Made from industrial grade netting, bits of  wool from the discard pile, and a measure of rope…Samantha Jean created a brilliant abstract wrap which resembles an authentic animal skin or leather hide.

Samantha Jean was born on an air-force base in Okinawa, Japan and was issued her first passport when she was only 3 days old. Her parents, originally from upstate New York, moved every couple of years throughout her childhood, so Samantha and her siblings were exposed to many different cultures and became accustomed to a nomadic lifestyle. In college, Samantha Jean traveled to Argentina, Belize, Peru and Japan(as well as New York City and San Francisco and a number of stops in between). Her recent projects have taken her to South Korea and Bogota,Colombia, and she is currently planning a trip to Europe in Summer 2018. Samantha’s global background influences her artistic style both physically and fundamentally; she not only incorporates fabrics and traditional design elements of each culture into her work, but also takes time to appreciate the deeper significance of stylist trends and choices made by artists in each region.




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