Lonely a la Mode: The Film

Watch the Teaser Video NOW!

Written & Directed by Neville Elder

Produced by Samantha Jean Moore*

The Film:
Shot on location in Kentucky and New York City, ‘Lonely a la Mode’ is a film of three songs by Neville Elder, performed by his band Thee Shambels. Its an evocative journey from the safety of childhood to the challenges of the adult world. Missed opportunities and heartbreak abound in a tragic, yet darkly comic film of the songs ‘Bad Timing’, ’Sister’ and ‘Will there be Women at my Funeral?’ from the band’s recent album, ‘Lonely a la Mode.’

Shooting ‘Sister’ in the woods, Scottsville, KY.

*Samantha Jean was also responsible for Art Direction, Costume Design, Choreography, and assisted with Casting and Scouting Locations

Will there be Women at my Funeral?:

Bad Timing:

Here’s the full album audio:

2017 Recycle the Runway WINNER!


Recycle the Runway is an annual fundraiser hosted by Dress for Success Lexington that benefits local women currently transitioning back into the workforce. The event features guest speakers, a three course luncheon, and a fabulous fashion show displaying the work of local designers. A few weeks before the event, each designer picks up a “mystery bag” filled with various unsuitable clothing that has been donated to DFS in the past year. Using only these refuse garments, the artists are tasked with designing a runway ready look to be judged by three fashion savvy business owners. The top 3 winners earn cash prizes, and the first place winner is awarded a professional photo shoot with a local photographer.

2017 Recycle the Runway Winners:

1st Place: Samantha Jean Moore

2nd Place: Mauricio Crane

3rd Place: Angela Best


Samantha Jean specializes in using recycled fabrics to create noteworthy fashion and unique home decor. Recycle the Runway provides artists with a truly thrilling challenge by limiting their designs to the contents of a single black garbage bag! Here are some “before” photos of the items in Samantha Jean’s bag, as well as some progress shots leading up to her completed winning design.


Designer Denim Dreams

Photographer: Aesthetic Aperture

Model & Designer: Samantha Jean Moore

Jewelry: Savané Silver


Samantha Jean sources a huge variety of denim jackets from her travels around the world. Most are second hand or have been considered “flawed” by the manufactures and are stripped of their original branding. After collecting several jackets, Samantha Jean will wash, repair, and treat the fabric in small batches. Then using the scraps leftover from other projects, her stash of vintage fabrics, broken jewelry and found objects, she crafts each piece as though giving it its own personality. No two designs are ever alike. For more examples of her denim work, visit @mococolex


Feltloom Exhibition: South Korea

As an international supplier of high-quality technology, Feltloom, Inc. is committed to reaching innovators and entrepreneurs through interactive exhibitions hosted around the world. The annual “Handmade Fair” in Seoul, South Korea is an absolute treasure trove of unique artwork, goods & fashion. Tens of thousands of visitors attend the fair each year, so it was an ideal destination for the Kentucky based company to test out a new market.

Samantha Jean was invited to accompany Feltloom on their journey overseas as a designer and instructor in advanced felting technology. She assisted in setting up the exhibition booth and was the only American to lead a formal demonstration on the “Handmade Fair” main stage.

During the company tour in South Korea, Samantha Jean assisted Feltloom CEO Lanette Freitag in leading multiple seminars about her company’s felting equipment. Together, they were able to demonstrate the significance of combining traditional methods with innovative technology to deliver unique and practical results.