Kentucky Keepsakes


The first Kentucky Keepsake that Samantha Jean ever sold was a giant hand-dyed purple burlap beauty made from recycled coffee sacks, a cotton shirt, and a silk scarf. The details are intended to resemble blackberries, the Kentucky state fruit. The art sale was hosted by Tribeca Trunk in Lexington.

Samantha Jean is committed to being extremely resourceful when crafting her Kentucky products. Vintage fabrics, prom dresses, old blue jeans, drop cloth, wool sweaters, tablecloths, and burlap bags are among her favorite materials to use. No garment is too precious and no scrap is too small to be used in one of her pieces. Samantha Jean has destroyed wedding dresses to make anniversary gifts and preserved the memory of loved ones through transforming their old belongings into priceless heirlooms.

Some pillows simply display our state pride, like our love of BOURBON or college basketball. Whether large or small, these handmade Kentucky Keepsakes make the perfect gift for any proud Kentuckian.


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