Lonely a la Mode: The Film

Watch the Teaser Video NOW!

Written & Directed by Neville Elder

Produced by Samantha Jean Moore*

The Film:
Shot on location in Kentucky and New York City, ‘Lonely a la Mode’ is a film of three songs by Neville Elder, performed by his band Thee Shambels. Its an evocative journey from the safety of childhood to the challenges of the adult world. Missed opportunities and heartbreak abound in a tragic, yet darkly comic film of the songs ‘Bad Timing’, ’Sister’ and ‘Will there be Women at my Funeral?’ from the band’s recent album, ‘Lonely a la Mode.’

Shooting ‘Sister’ in the woods, Scottsville, KY.

*Samantha Jean was also responsible for Art Direction, Costume Design, Choreography, and assisted with Casting and Scouting Locations

Will there be Women at my Funeral?:

Bad Timing:

Here’s the full album audio:

Author: samanthajeanmoore

Fourth-generation seamstress Samantha Jean Moore is a full-time fabric collage artist and multimedia producer. Using found objects, vintage fabric, discarded books, broken jewelry, and other reclaimed materials, she creates transformational designs that breathe new life and meaning into everyday experiences. Infused with an awareness of her surroundings and available resources, Samantha Jean uses her art to help budding visionaries see greater potential in their own projects. Her micro-brand, MOCOCO: Modern Country Couture, inspires others to transform the disposable to the indispensable.

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