Feltloom Exhibition: South Korea

As an international supplier of high-quality technology, Feltloom, Inc. is committed to reaching innovators and entrepreneurs through interactive exhibitions hosted around the world. The annual “Handmade Fair” in Seoul, South Korea is an absolute treasure trove of unique artwork, goods & fashion. Tens of thousands of visitors attend the fair each year, so it was an ideal destination for the Kentucky based company to test out a new market.

Samantha Jean was invited to accompany Feltloom on their journey overseas as a designer and instructor in advanced felting technology. She assisted in setting up the exhibition booth and was the only American to lead a formal demonstration on the “Handmade Fair” main stage.

During the company tour in South Korea, Samantha Jean assisted Feltloom CEO Lanette Freitag in leading multiple seminars about her company’s felting equipment. Together, they were able to demonstrate the significance of combining traditional methods with innovative technology to deliver unique and practical results.

Author: samanthajeanmoore

Fourth-generation seamstress Samantha Jean Moore is a full-time fabric collage artist and multimedia producer. Using found objects, vintage fabric, discarded books, broken jewelry, and other reclaimed materials, she creates transformational designs that breathe new life and meaning into everyday experiences. Infused with an awareness of her surroundings and available resources, Samantha Jean uses her art to help budding visionaries see greater potential in their own projects. Her micro-brand, MOCOCO: Modern Country Couture, inspires others to transform the disposable to the indispensable.

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